Things To Do In New Haven, Connecticut

June 22, 2018stampthatpassport

As many of you might know that New Haven is home to the prestigious Yale University.  Because of such young and energetic crowd prevailing in the city, there are plenty of things you can do in New Haven. In this post, I’ll be listing down a few of the things that are the absolute must.

Visit the prestigious Yale University

If you ever wished to see Hogwarts, like me, this is it! Dating back to the 1700s, Yale University still speaks volumes of vintage architecture. Since I visited in June, the students were out for their summer internship so the school was practically a bit deserted, but the tourists can be seen. The tourists have access to a few libraries and halls so don’t forget to check them out.

New Haven Green

New Haven Green is a huge green public area park that always has something going on, especially on the weekends. People put up stalls to sell their stuff, there are food trucks, ice cream trucks, a stage set of a band to perform, and so much more. If not this, you’ll always find the local people and university students just enjoying a bright sunny day in the park.

Source: Wikipedia

East Rock Ridge State Park

East Rock Park is not just a public garden but also has some amazing hiking trails. You can literally see the entire New Haven city from up there. We left it for our next visit as we were a little out of time.

West Rock Ridge State Park

West Rock Ridge is another one of the state parks that has many hiking trails to enjoy city view and amazing sunset on some days.

Lighthouse Point Carousel

New Haven is a coastal town and where there’s a coast, there must always be a lighthouse, eh! While we missed going here as well but we had planned to spend our evening at the Lighthouse Park and watch the sunset. The evenings are usually lit by children playing at the beach or couples just walking along the coastline. You can definitely get some drool-worthy photographs there.

Source: Fritz Photography

Try America’s Best Pizza at America’s First Pizzeria

Now this one requires an honorary mention. Frank Pepe Nepolitana Pizzeria was the first pizzeria in the USA and it still serves the best pizza here. What’s the best in the USA? Wait for it – *Drumroll* The White Clam Pizza. It would be a sin to visit New Haven and not try Frank Pepe’s pizza. I tried the Veggie Pizza, as I’m a vegetarian, and it was one of the best pizzas of my life.

Savor A Hamburger At Louis’ Lunch

This 120-year-old food counter is always cramped with people hoping to get some hamburger before it runs out. It is said that Louis’ Lunch was where the hamburger was invented. Yes, you heard that right. Make sure to wait in line before you get your hands over that amazing hamburger.

So what’s stopping you from visiting New Haven?

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