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Things To Do in Jaipur: The Pink City of India

March 2, 2019stampthatpassport

Jaipur is one of the biggest and the most touristy city of Rajasthan. The Pink City, as they call it, signifies the hospitality of Jaipurians towards its visitors. Majestic royal fortresses and palaces, colorful attires, authentic Rajasthani food spicy enough to make you cry your eyes out, or folk dancers that’ll make you dance with them; this is just the beginning of what Jaipur has to offer.

If you’re already following my journey on Instagram, you probably already know that I did a wee trip to Jaipur with one of my girlfriends over a weekend. We already knew that 2 days will do no justice to a plethora of things to do in Jaipur. So we just picked the places that we thought were not to be missed and explored each and every one of them.

Here in this article, I’ll be sharing the top experiences from Jaipur, which I think are an absolute must. This article will also help you understand how and when to plan your trip to Jaipur best. The best time to visit, how to reach Jaipur, accommodation, places to eat, and things to do – pst, obviously!

Best Time To Visit Jaipur

If you didn’t already know, summers in India are excruciating. No, I mean literally! The summers in Rajasthan are crueler. So the best time to visit any city in Rajasthan would be mid-October to early March, that is when the winters are in effect. The average temperature ranges around 20 ºC – 30 ºC.

How to Reach Jaipur

By Flight

Jaipur International Airport has flights flying in-and-out from almost all major cities of India and a few other parts of the world.

Here are the popular resources you can use to look for flights







By Car

Jaipur is well connected with Delhi and all other major cities of Rajasthan through national highways and state highways. If you enjoy road trips like Anshul and me, I’d suggest you drive through Rajasthan. Driving also gives you the freedom to make pit stops and take detours, and trust me when I say that detours in Rajasthan will not be disappointing.

Here are a few resources you can look for a self-drive car.


Zoom Car




By Bus

Jaipur is well connected with Delhi and all other major cities of Rajasthan through national highways and state highways. There are plenty of state buses running the entire day.


Accommodation in Jaipur

I stayed in my favourite chain of hostels by the Zostel. I love their quirky interiors and arts, especially wall paintings. They always have eclectic decor for every city they are in. The staff is ever-accommodating and helps you with through easy check-in and check-out. There are plenty of room options to choose from. You can go for a dormitory where you share a room with 6 other people, or you can also book a private room with attached washroom. Their kitchen is shared and they also offer free breakfast. You are free to cook anything you wish, with permission of course.

Hostels are a great place to meet other like-minded people who travel. They are also budget friendly when you want decent accommodation for a decent price. I would definitely recommend checking out if Zostel is present in the city you’re traveling to.

If you’re not up for shared accommodation and want a little privacy, here are the website you can go to book a hotel. Do note that although these resources are Stamp That Passport recommended, they may change their prices depending on the season and availability of rooms.





Oyo Rooms

Fab Hotels

Where to Eat In Jaipur

Jaipur is a foodie’s paradise.

Tapri Cafe for tea and snacks.

Padao Restaraunt for extremely beautiful views of the city at sunset

The Wind View and the Tattoo Cafe for a perfect vantage point to the Hawa Mahal.

Things to do in Jaipur

Like I already mentioned that there is a plethora of things for you to do in Jaipur, but if you’re on a clock, here’s a list of must-see places.


Amer Fort

I like to begin with my favorite spot in the city. Amer fort, also known as Amber Fort might just be the most beautiful fort I’ve ever seen in my life. The architecture just amazed me at every step of the way. You’ll be marveled by the grandeurs of the fort, inside and out, not to mention the intricate work on the walls and doors, the very impressive glass work in Sheesh Mahal and the golden sandstone rooms. Did you know there’s a whole village behind the Amber Fort that is said to be protected by the King?

City Palace

The City Palace is one of the most visited places of Jaipur, and for good reason. It is the house of present Royal Family of Jaipur and only a part of the palace is open to tourists. There is an entry fee, of course, but it’s definitely worth a few hours visit. The royal halls, the gardens, and compounds are absolutely gorgeous.

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is the most Instagrammed tourist attraction of Jaipur and it definitely earns that title. The intricate designing of this palace to allow clear passage to air was the ultimate goal of its architects. The Hawa Mahal stands right in the middle of Johri Bazaar and can be easily spotted. I’d recommend giving a pass to the inside tours of the Hawa Mahal as its mostly ruined but the outside facade is beautiful.

Nahargarh Fort

Hands down, the best fort to watch the sunset over Jaipur City. Right atop Aravalli hills, Nahargarh Fort should be on your list of things do in Jaipur. I couldn’t make it to the fort tour as I was late but I would definitely suggest you spend a few hours at Padao Restaurant. It’s right next to the fort and has an entry fee of Rs 100 which is redeemable against food/drinks inside the restaurant. In all honesty, the food in Padao Restaraunt was a bit disappointing but it gives you the clear views of entire Jaipur City from atop. The sunset hours are the best time to visit.

Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort is another such fort that gives you some incredible views of the Pink City. Believe me, you would not want to miss this one.

Albert Hall Museum

Another one of the Instagram worthy spots in Jaipur is the famous Albert Hall Museum. The Victorian exterior designs are absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t make it inside the museum because of time but I’d suggest you definitely try it. Best time to visit the place would be the sunset.

Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate is a recent addition to the tourist attractions in Jaipur but I strongly suggest you visit it. They are a bit to the other side of the city but definitely worth a visit. Try and go as early as possible as it gets crowded with photographers and tourists.

A few other places I suggest should be visited

  • Panna Meena Ka Kund
  • Jal Mahal
  • Popular Markets like Bapu Bazaar and Johri Bazaar
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Jal Mahal
  • Chokhi Dhani



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