Taxco, Guerrero: A Complete Guide

May 30, 2020stampthatpassport

After a lot of planning, research, and talking to tonnes of people who suggested going to Riviera Maya (I have another blog post on that) I stumbled upon this quaint town. The more I researched about Taxco, the more determined I became about visiting it. A sucker for offbeat places that I am, I decided that Taxco has to be on my itinerary. From cobbled streets to silver handicrafts, from historical monuments to Vocho Volkswagen beetles this town began to grow on me.

Starting from the best time to visit Taxco to how to get there, where to stay and what to do, this guide will cover everything you need to know before planning a trip to Taxco. The charming little village sits on hills and offers some of the prettiest views in Mexico.

The best time to visit Taxco is from October to February. The days are warm with a slight need for jackets in the evenings which makes Taxco just a perfect winter getaway. The average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 13 degrees Celsius during the night. Taxco also experiences much less rainfall during these months as compared to other months during the year.

Taxco doesn’t have an airport of its own. We had to fly in Aeromexico from Seattle to Mexico City airport and get a bus from Mexico City to Taxco. We arrived late at night in Mexico City so we decided to book an Airbnb and leave for Taxco the next day. Our Airbnb hosts were one of the most amazing hosts we’ve stayed with. Knowing the language barriers and other difficulties we might face in Mexico, they offered to pick us up from the airport during late hours. Their place was clean and met the standards of 5-star Airbnb. Here’s the link to the Airbnb we stayed in.

Fact: Aeromexico from Seattle to Mexico City does not offer vegetarian meals. So if you’re a vegetarian like me, I’d suggest you stuff up before boarding that flight.

We took an Uber from our Airbnb to Taxquena bus station the next day. Taxquena bus station is a pretty popular bus station in Mexico City and easily found on Google maps. Buses from Mexico City to Taxco run almost every 30 mins and are not even that costly. We booked two seats on CostaLine paid USD 30 one way. I gotta say that I’ve never been so impressed by the buses of any country. They are one of the safest, most comfortable, and convenient ways to travel from one place to another. They are also one of the cheapest ways to commute in Mexico. The bus ride from Mexico City to Taxco was around 3 hours.

Fact: Uber is pretty popular in Mexico City and also very cheap. A 20 Km ride costed us around USD 5.

Getting around in Taxco is not that hard. In fact, you can explore the entire town on foot if you have the time. If you’re not a walker, then there are taxis to almost everywhere in the town for you. The charming Vocho Volkswagen beetle taxis take you to almost everywhere in the town and should cost you around 20-30 Pesos from Zocalo to the bus stand.i

We booked another Airbnb in Taxco, Airbnbs there are pretty cheap. Here’s the link to the one we booked. It cost us USD 30 for 2 nights during the holiday season.

There are plenty of things to do in and around Taxco.

  1. Santa Prisca de Taxco
  2. Zocalo
  3. Cristo Monumental
  4. Plaza Borda
  5. Mil Cascadas
  6. Silver Shopping

There are plenty of options to shop for silver in Taxco, however, these are the ones that I recommend for their authenticity.

  1. EBS for good quality and selection. But they are a little costlier than the market. They can also give you a 10% discount if you pay in cash.
  2. silver factory for cheap options. They too have a good selection and can give a 20% discount during the holidays.

I’d definitely recommend bargaining hard as the shop keepers tend to increase the prices given that Taxco is a tourist destination. Some vendors can even go as low as 60% off.


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