Photo Story: Westport, CT

June 28, 2018stampthatpassport

Starting today we’re introducing travelogs into Stamp That Passport. Travelogs are where we’ll be sharing our travel pictures, lot and lots of pictures. So stay tuned as we’ll be spamming your inbox a LOT! 😀

Hey, Summer! It’s good to have you around.

Westport is a small town in Connecticut not far from New York City. You can either drive to Westport or take a Metro-North train, which is pretty comfortable and safe. You can find the schedule for Metro-North railroads at this link Metro North Railroads.


Although there’s not much to do in Westport, I found it to be one of those beautiful little towns that you’d want to live in.



Oh, how much I loved this garden Cafe, Terrain.

Terrain is a garden cafe which has a nursery and a cafe run together. You can literally find everything to decorate your garden while devouring on some amazing food and drinks.




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