The Canvas Village of Mumbai: Asalpha

June 13, 2018stampthatpassport

Let the colors talk! This was all I could feel when I visited the colored palette-like village of Asalpha in Ghatkopar. From solid colored walls to graffitis and abstract art, there is nothing that won’t amaze you at Asalpha village. Started as an initiative by FruitBowl Digital, Asalpha Village has turned into an epitome of how Mumbai slums will be envisaged.

How To Get There

By Cab/ Autorickshaw

You can hire a cab (Uber/ Ola) or an auto to drop you off at the Asalpha Metro Station. It’s only a 5-min walk to the village.

Fact File: Get down at Gate No 1 of the metro station, which is nearest to the village.

By Metro

Asalpha falls on the metro line, which makes it easier to get there if you’re coming from Ghatkopar or Andheri.

By Mumbai Local Train

Catch a train to Ghatkopar station and then take a metro from there to Asalpha.

What To Expect At Asalpha Village

Take your hiking shoes out as you’ll have to climb a mountain of stairs if you want to experience more than just a glimpse of these colored wall houses. The people are kind, gentle, and hospitable. The kids are playful and don’t shy away.

Fact File:

Carry a water bottle. People will not hesitate to offer you water, but if you’re a little hygiene freak, like me, I’d suggest you carry your own water.

People of the village are literate with a good standard of living. Don’t treat them like they belong to a slum.

The alleys of the village are pretty small with houses along the roads, so make sure you do not intrude someone’s privacy.

There aren’t many options for a restaurant in Asalpha.

And lastly, don’t forget to take your camera if you want to take some beautiful pictures.

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