Airbnb Review in Stowe, Vermont

July 4, 2018stampthatpassport

I love staying in B&Bs, especially if I’m in the countryside. They are small, they are usually cute, and they are personal as you live with the locals. Living in a B&B with locals lets me dig in further in the cultures and customs of a place I’m visiting. I love talking to people, knowing about them, asking for their recommendations for offbeat places.

When Anshul and I visited Vermont, we booked a cutesy little B&B in Stowe. You can book the one I booked from AirBnB by clicking this link and you also get $40 off on your first booking. Yay! 😀

In this post, I’m going to be reviewing my stay in the B&B as we had one of the best stays there.


We gotta tell you that our hosts were one of the kindest hosts that we’d ever met. They were really helpful, accommodating and took care of all our needs. They even recommended a few offbeat places that were known only to the locals. I want to give them extra points as they had a really friendly dog named Mia. She is a poser, I tell ya!

We arrived an hour before our check in and they made it really easy for us to enter and settle into the B&B.


  • I always leave a thank you note to our hosts whenever we live in a B&B. It’s a great way to say thank you for all the trouble they go through to make my stay amazing.


Stowe is a very small town in the state of Vermont. Though small, it still falls under our category of touristy places. People from nearby states like Massachusetts and New York drive up to Stowe for a weekend getaway. There are plenty of sites for skiing and trails for hiking.

The B&B we booked was a little away from the town, therefore, not many tourists in sight. You’ll be easily able to locate it on Google Maps.


  • Click on this link to get $40 off on your first booking on Airbnb.

Check-in & Check-out

Like we earlier mentioned that we’d arrived an hour earlier than our due check-in time, our hosts made it really easy for us to settle in the B&B.

The check-in is at 3 pm and the check-out is at 12 pm. Although it’s okay if you check-out 30mins late.

B&B & Room Conditions

Our B&B was a cutesy little wooden cabin. We were offered the master bedroom, which was neatly decorated with wooden furniture. It had all the basic amenities like proper beddings, towels, and all the needed toiletries. The common hall and kitchen are shared with the hosts and the dog, of course! The house is intensively clean and there a few rules that you’ll have to follow. The hosts will leave a set of reasonable instructions and guidelines that are to be followed in the house. You can use the utensils and the gas to cook your own meal, just be sure not to use their stuff for the cooking.

Facts File:

  • You need your own vehicle to travel around the town as public transport is not that common.
  • Make sure you book well in advance as the B&Bs tend to fill out fast even during the off-season.
  • The kitchen and the common share is shared so be respectful of not misusing anything.




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