A Summer Road Trip to Vermont

December 4, 2018stampthatpassport

Wooden covered bridges, Victorian inns and domestic farms: this ain’t even close to what Vermont has to offer. Vermont, known as the Green Mountain State holds true to its title. Mountains clad with green trees are the usual sight as soon as you enter the state. The views are of course different during the fall as you witness beautiful fall colors. Vermont is one of the five states that comes under the New England region of the USA. While I’ve always heard of the awestruck beauty of the New England region during the fall, I visited Vermont in summers, and believe me when I say that it was nothing less than amazing!

After visiting Vermont in summers, Anshul and I decided to put a road trip to the New England region in fall high on our bucket list. In this post, I’ll be sharing my experience for summers in Vermont.

Buffs for road trips that we are, Anshul and I hired a car from and drove all the way from Bridgeport, Connecticut to Vermont. I have to stay the drive was just as amazing as the destination. We never felt the need to reach early to our destination. We stopped countless times just to admire the views and take photographs. The roads were filled with sky-touching maple trees on both the ends. I can only imagine how gorgeous it’ll be during the fall when the maple leaves are all over the ground.

We started at Bridgeport, Connecticut and drove to Stowe, Woodstock and finally made a quick stop at Manchester.


Stowe is one of the most visited cities in Vermont, therefore, you can expect a good amount of tourists at any season. It is a major hub for ski sports during winters in Vermont.  Stowe has some magnificent views and spots that are not to be missed, some of which are the Smuggler’s Notch. History has it that Smuggler’s notch was once a hidden route for smugglers between USA and Canada. This notch is one of the famous tree tunnel roads in the world. While we witnessed its beauty in the summers when the trees were green, the views are completely different during the fall when the trees adopt colors of yellow, red, orange and pink and form a canopy over the highway.

Stowe’s proximity to the mountains offers endless opportunities to hiking, biking, and skiing adventures. This is probably one of the reasons why Stowe is a famous tourist destination. This small town has charming little shops, restaurants, and b&bs. We booked a b&b from Airbnb. Read our review here.

We spent an entire day exploring the quaint buildings of the town.

Places to visit from Stowe:

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Bingham Falls

Waterbury Reservoir


Woodstock is a quaint and lesser-known countryside town in the state of Vermont. The 2-hour drive from Stowe to Woodstock was even better than what we had seen before. If you’re a Stamp That Passport reader, you probably already know that we love to take road trips more than anything. We booked a car from Sixt USA and drove all the way from Bridgeport to Vermont. The landscapes left us awestruck and I cannot stress this enough. The horse farms, alpaca farms and mowed gardens were a delight to witness.

You’ll find silent farms and beautiful ponds, log houses, cabin converted into B&bs with huge lawns were a regular sight in Vermont, Oh, we didn’t even tell you the best part yet! You might have an impromptu encounter with deer in your backyard.


Manchester, Vermont is an hour drive from Woodstock. Although there isn’t much to do around the town, we were happy that we visited it. The drive was definitely amazing. There were a lot of lakes along the way where people had taken resort for the weekend. They had set up a barbeque and went for a dive. They were fishing and had brought their sailboats.

Manchester is another quaint town in Vermont. You’ll find quite a number of restaurants and shopping sites.


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