A Dreamy Tropical Honeymoon: Maldives

June 25, 2018stampthatpassport

My love for the Maldives hatched when I was in 4th year of my college and I was looking through a friend’s Facebook profile. She went for her honeymoon and from then on, it became my dream destination. Making its way to the list of most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, Maldives is a dreamy getaway that has more than just clear blue waters. It’s a paradise on Earth. The tropical infusion of palm trees and gorgeous water bungalows right on top of the crystal-like turquoise water is breathtaking. Miles away from social culture and bustling city life, Maldives offers you a vacation which leaves you nothing less than hypnotic.

I spent my honeymoon on this amazingly beautiful tropical-nirvana. I knew my holiday was going to be paradisaical the moment I got off the boat and laid my first step on the island. After a lot of research and left undecided for weeks, because all the resorts were jaw-dropping, we finally put our finger on Centara Ras Fushi Resorts and Spa and oh, how I kept on awing for days after we arrived. The resort was beyond my expectations. It was on an island far far away from civilization, dotted with gorgeous huts and palm trees, and surrounded by turquoise water – everyone’s dream, I bet! From ocean-side morning breakfast to bar in the middle of the swimming pool, which too had an amazing view of the ocean, this resort has everything.

I wanted to experience water villa but Anshul had more obvious preferences, to stay at a beachside villa…pff, we thought “Why not experience both?”. So we decided to lay camps in both the rooms, one after the other. For the 1st half of our holiday, we chose to stay in beachside villa and next half in the water bungalow, and I have to admit, the beachside villa was no less than the water bungalow. Our beach villa was just a few steps away from the ocean, I mean literally! We could go and have a refreshing dip in the water or snorkel any time we wanted to. There was a small private beach with 2 deck chairs right in front of the villa. The panoramic view of Indian Ocean from our water villa is what bewitched me the most. I could see nothing but different beautiful shades of blue, touching the horizon every time I was on the patio.

Apart from romantic candlelight dinners right by the ocean or quixotic moonlit walk on the beach, Maldives has an immense population of beautiful marine wildlife. You just cannot come back without some scuba or snorkeling. The best part of staying in water villa was that we had easy access to some astounding corals and reefs. I don’t even remember how many times Anshul went snorkeling and never came back disappointed. We often had early morning encounters with few swordfish, rays, baby sharks and some other sorts of colorful fish.

If you’re planning for a romantic getaway for your honeymoon to lay off your wedding stress, I would definitely suggest you go to the Maldives. Ain’t no place like it!

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