Everything you need to know about planning a trip to Austin, TX

As many of you might know that Anshul has moved to Austin, TX to pursue his MBA, and I’m in Mumbai working for an IT company. Since it was over 4-months that I’d met him, I decided to visit him and had gotten itchy feet to explore a new place. Planned the perfect itinerary to visit around Christmas and New Years, booked a return flight and off I went. With all the hours and efforts I was putting in my research, I just couldn’t handle my excitement for my upcoming trip. Hey, it was my first trip to America! I’ve tried to cover everything that you might need to know about planning your trip to Austin. Also, did you know that Austin is the world hub of live music and has the best barbeque?



Finding an accommodation in Austin is no hassle. With plenty of hotels, B&Bs, and hostels in place you can easily find an accommodation to your suitability.

Austin is a host to a major university, University of Texas and has over “” students under its roof, most of them have taken up apartments on rent. If you’re not willing to spend money on hotels and B&Bs, you can always couchsurf with one of the Longhorns.

Source: www.coxsbarn.com

Here are a few websites where you can look for hotels.








Fact File: If live music shows are your thing, I’d suggest you find a hotel near downtown.

Things to do in Austin

Go for a hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake

You can rent a bike and explore the scenics of Lady Bird Lake around Austin. There are plenty of bike rental stations Austin and can charge up to $20 a day. You’ll usually find people running with their dogs, children playing soccer, some just making their way around the park leisurely.

Fun Fact: Visit during sunset hours and don’t miss the view of Downtown from the park.

Jump off a cliff in Bartons Creek

This was the thing I was most excited about and the only thing I regret missing out. You hike, you jump, and you swim – a perfect Sunday eh? When I got there the pool was all dried out, but this should definitely be on your list when you visit Austin. Make sure you do your research right before you visit Bartons Creek so you don’t end up missing it out.

Fun Fact:

Source: www.pyragraph.com

Explore your side of artist at Grafitti Park

Grab a can of paint and just spray on the wall, because this is what people do at Grafitti Park in Austin. You’ll find people selling framed photographs of graffitis on there (they are amazing by the way), old records of classic songs, pretty little souvenirs and what not. There are a few food trucks in case you’re hungry. It’s one of the liveliest places I’ve been to in Austin.

Fact File:

Satisfy your shopping needs at Domain

An outdoor mall with a variety of amazing brands to spin your shopping needs in place. With brands like H&M, Zara, Macy’s, Louis Vuitton and some spas and parlors to pamper you, this place is heaven for you ladies. Do let us know what you shopped.

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Indulge yourself in a few drinks on the Dirty Sixth

Austin is all about live music shows, barbeques, and drinks. Housing over “” UT Longhorns, the Friday party scenes on the Dirty 6th are almost always in place. The East 6th Street, aka the Dirty 6th, is barricaded from both the ends to stop any vehicles from entering the street. People are free to roam the entire street and hop from one bar to another.

Fact file: Austin has strict policies of no alcohol on the streets and therefore, you’re not allowed to carry your drinks outside the restaurant.

Source: The Austinot

Explore the Downtown of Austin

Don’t forget to spend an evening in Downtown and experience some amazing live music on the streets.

Other places you might wanna check out in Austin.

Texas State Capitol

Lake Travis

Zilker Park

Mount Bonnel

Transport in Austin

Traveling around Austin is pretty simple and cheap. The best way that I found convenient was Capital Metro. The bus connectivities are really good from almost everywhere in Austin, and the fare is only “” from your pick up point to your drop location. You can install the app CapMetro to check the bus routes and their timings.

Other Options are Uber and Lyft but you’ll have to pay a little extra for them.


Fact File: The last bus runs around 11 pm.


Fact File

  • Make sure you carry your passport almost everywhere, especially if you’re going to a pub or a bar.
  • The sunsets in Austin are really beautiful, so make sure you don’t miss it.
  • UT students have free bus pass on their UT IDs. If you know someone who can loan you his/her college ID, you’ll be able to explore the entire Austin for free.
  • Austin is not that big a city, and the best way to explore Austin is on a bike. There are bike rental stations at every few miles in Austin.
  • If you’re a vegetarian like me, you won’t find many options when it comes to food. Try book a room with kitchen and cook for yourself. Anshul and I cooked food for the most part of our travels and made a picnic of it.

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